Having moved to this new location a few years ago on Bonanza Road just west of downtown Las Vegas, this might just be a “go out of your way” place for a brew. Tenaya Creek Brewery originally opened in another location as Tenaya Creek Restaurant & Brewery in November of 1999. The restaurant offered fine dining with a great wine list and, of course, the freshly brewed craft beer. However, wanting to focus solely on the beer, the restaurant ceased operations in the Summer of 2008. Even after a remodel in 2010, Tenya eventually outgrew their original locationand in November of 2015 moved to the their current Bonanza Rd location. Located directly across the street from the remnants of the Moulin Rouge, Tenaya Creek boasts a selection of 30+ beers on tap and bottle, so it’s a safe bet you’ll find something to please your pallet, especially if you’re a fan of high alcohol unique taste craft beers. Tenaya Creek also brews 6 of it’s own beers and a number of seasonal efforts that can only be sampled at the brewery. I recently sampled a White Oak from the Bruery (a tremendous brewery located in Orange County in California that has been featured in a Booze Press piece) that clocked in at 11.5% AVB yet had a delicious layered taste and an excellent finish.

Brian and Katie will take care of your every need with a spirit of friendliness and familiarity, which considering how busy this place can get around 6:00 is quite an accomplishment. If I had one complaint it would be a lack of readily available culinary selections. A food truck of some sort will usually show up at some point, but it does require you to get up and go outside and see if there’s something on the menu that tickles your fancy. Otherwise you’re forced to ask for a bowl of pretzels to hold you over. I know a full fledged restaurant is not in the plans, but a limited and creative appetizer menu may be an easy fix that would keep me around at least for another pint. Now isn’t that what it’s all about? Just a thought….