So here we are again…and the adventure continues. Weeks 3 and 4 will appear here within the next week or so, so buckle up and get ready for the ride. I of course recommend that you follow along on Instagram @boozepress, so you don’t miss a thing and stay up to date.

MOUNT PALOMAR WINERY – Mount Palomar Winery has this old school feel, as if it’s been around since 1969, which incidentally enough, it has been. The windowless tasting room has that sort of dark, classy feel to it. There’s also a full service restaurant, named surprisingly enough, The Restaurant. Serving up starters, salads, entrees, flatbreads and desserts. Tried 3 fairly unique wines, my notes below:

Palomino –
An interesting white varietal. Slight Reisling aromas of citrus, white flowers and a taste showing some stone fruits and floral elements with a more earthy feel

2014 Merlot –
This exhibits a more earthy aroma than a typical Merlot with notes of berries and sage. Initial powered sugar coated berries on the pallet wanes as the wine rests. Overall a nice and mellow wine

Solaria Sherry –
Woody (cedar), raisiny aroma. Not overly sweet, but very rich on the pallet. Nice lush finish…

A very friendly atmosphere. As a matter of fact, in my short time there I met a very nice couple from San Diego and upon leaving, a group of slightly tipsy ladies wished me well on my journey. That’s the kind of friendly folks that you’ll encounter at Mount Palomar.

BEL VINO WINERY – Bel Vino Winery, much like Mount Palomar across the road, has that old fashioned feel about it. But unlike Mount Palomar, Bel Vino has only been around since 1996. Though it seems somewhat compact, BV (that’s the cool name I’ll give it 🙄) operates a Saturday and Sunday Bistro which features a menu of gourmet comfort food. The property also has a two-suite Bed and Breakfast facility, which offers privacy and spectacular valley and vineyard views. For tasting they have a fairly diverse selection of wines. The 3 chosen for me are as follows:

Mixed Sparkling –
Relatively no nose, but explodes with popsicle type fruit on the pallet. What a surprise! The contrast was a little startling but very intriguing

Butterfly Effect Blend –
Black licorice and slightly medicinal aroma. Vanilla and milk chocolate on the pallet with some light creaminess. Moderate finish but very pleasant

Cabernet Sauvignon –
Light fruits with a lean towards berries. Earthy dark fruit on the pallet with a shorter finish (most likely due to age) a nice Cab for those that can be overwhelmed by a big heavy tannin laden one

A nice winery to stop in at on the weekend, as it’s usually not completely crazy like some tend to be. Provides good wines, food, lodging and occasionally, entertainment. Worth a look.

FALKNER WINERY – Having suffered through a devastating fire in June of last year, Falkner Winery is still in the rebuilding stages. Though there are hopes of a new tasting room by the end of the year. Sitting atop a hill just off of Calle Contento, Falkner Winery and Pinnacles, the wineries restaurant located across the parking lot, provide picturesque views of the surrounding area. For my visit recently I was able to sample at the temporary tasting tent located adjacent to the former structure. For my tasting I enjoyed these wines…

2020 Sauvignon Blanc –
The initial aroma of grapefruit, smoke and floral notes is nicely complimented by a saline, lime feel that would pair quite well with white fish or oysters. Nice, smooth lingering finish

2018 Syrah –
Aromas of dark fruits and plums with a hint of lavender. Also a bit of baking spices. The taste matches the aroma somewhat with a leaning towards blueberry and some black pepper and leather on the finish

2015 Port –
Aromas of raisins and figs before the initial taste, then transitioning into a more prune aroma. Tastes of baked apples, figs and sweet spice. A delicious after dinner drink

Though in the rebuilding stages, don’t let that keep you away. A tasting trip of the 5 wineries on Calle Contento is definitely recommended for a very enjoyable day. I’ll be covering the remaining 4 locations this week

PELTZER WINERY – Continuing our journey down Calle Contento we arrive at Peltzer Winery. Peltzer is a huge property/farm that includes a winery in it’s repertoire. To reach the winery after parking, just make your way up the trail to the most visible structure. But do yourself a favor and wander around a bit for a trip back in time. My 3 wine tasting notes are below…

Prosecco –
An initial aroma of honey, hints of lemon. Some nice citrus tang on the pallet and light toastiness fills the mouth through the finish. Fun little wine

Feelin Cocky –
A combination of Barbera, Tempranillo and Syrah. Aromas of blackberries and sweet spices with some earthiness. Nice smooth full mouth feel of darker ripe fruits capped off with a nice spice finish

Meritage –
Bordeaux blend with a nice full, fruit-filled oaky feel. On the pallet the fruit combines with fresh cedar to continue the “wood” undertones

BONUS – Aged Bourbon Barrel Zin –
Clocking in at 17% alcohol this wine definitely let’s you know it’s arrived. Gorgeous, rich raisiny aroma, then coats the mouth with sweet baking spices, maple and dark, overripe plums. An elegant finish to end this wine and this tasting

Decor at Peltzer is rustic to say the least, but their wines were quite delicious and the service was tremendous.

LONGSHADOW RANCH WINERY – Relax in a ranch atmosphere, sip on a nice glass of wine, perhaps a little barbecue and a live band? If these are all ways you like to spend a Saturday, then Longshadow Ranch is the place for you. The 3rd stop on my trip up Calle Contento did not disappoint. Friendly, relaxed service from my main man Dave (technically he was the only male around so he couldn’t help but be the main guy..but I digress) and some interesting wines to boot. Unfortunately it was midweek and no music🎸 or BBQ 🥩☹️But the atmosphere and wine put a smile on my face. My 3 pours…

Cloud Peak –
A Sauvignon Blanc with a sweet grapefruit aroma, moving to a little more of a grassy feel as it sits. Tastes of melon and the mild light tartness of pink grapefruit. A nice finish that coats the tongue

L’Orange –
Light orange blossoms on the nose with some floral notes. Explodes on the pallet with very strong orange and tangerine flavors. A lengthy finish. A very unique experience

Outlaw Red / Gunslinger Reserve –
A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah exhibits an earthy, sort of plastic with dark berries (boysenberry and blue berries) and light smoke. Berries become more red in the mouth and are very well balanced. Nice medium finish maintaining the red fruit with some tanned leather

A nice trip indeed. Think it may be time for a weekend return trip. That BBQ is calling 🤤

AKASH WINERY & VINEYARDS – One of the newer wineries in Temecula, Akash is quickly making a name for itself. Located to your right as you make your way down Calle Contento, Akash is easy to find. Currently serving both wine and beer, for this journey I opted for wine. I enjoyed these three…

2020 Parlors Vouz –
100% Zinfandel is used to make this sparkling wine. Notes of grapefruit and mint. Red fruits/berries and a slight floral tone on the pallet with a bit of a tang on the finish

2020 Sauvignon Blanc –
Beautiful color to this wine, with an almost clear appearance and only a slight yellow green tone. Aromas of grapefruit and herbaceous notes. Lemony on the pallet with a nice lingering finish

2018 Threes Company –
A blend of Petite Sirah, Zin and Cab. Shows nice mellow, darker fruit on the nose and even some floral notes, but a complex explosion of flavors on pallet. The dark berries are now joined by raw coconut. Nice elegant finish

Akash is definitely in growth mode and is not afraid to spoil you. Even with no restaurant yet, I had a lobster roll the other night. Definitely make it a stop on your Calle Contento trip. You’ll be glad you did

VINDEMIA WINERY – Vindemia Winery marks the end of our trip down Calle Contento, but it caps it off quite nicely. Though small by most standards and not even possessing a building, Vindemia provides an awesome experience, beautiful views and tasty wines. My thoughts on my 3 samples are as follows…

2018 de Blanc –
Tropical notes with a layer of coconut/vanilla (wine is a blend of Grenache Blanc and Viognier). Nice and creamy on the pallet with a hint of tartness (lemony)

2018 Pinot Ynez –
Garnering 94 pts from Wine Enthusiast, this Pinot offers aromas of ripe red cherries and chocolate. Predominately tart cherries on the pallet with milk chocolate and some baking spices. Nice elegant finish…

2016 Merlot –
A typical style Merlot (smooth and fruit forward) but with an underlying aroma of a campfire. Dark cherries among other dark fruits command the pallet with an elegance that elevates it way above most Merlots I have tried. A nice dryness coats the pallet on the finish

Truly one of my favorite stops in this area of Temecula. Service is awesome (Thanks Gino), wines are excellent and atmosphere is perfect. Don’t miss this last stop on the left as you head back on Calle Contento

So that takes care of week 2. As I mentioned earlier, I will be posting week 3 and 4 within the next week. Once again. be sure to follow @boozepress on Instagram so you don’t miss a thing. Cheers!