Wine Ranch –
A (somewhat) recent opening in Murrieta, the Wine Ranch has already gone through a name change. Previously Le Grange Wine Cellars, it appears that all that has changed is the name. As a matter of fact you will still see Le Grange bottles throughout as well as the glassware still bearing the name. Service is friendly and casual, and based on the hefty lunch crowd on a Thursday, the Wine Ranch is building a reputation as place to be.
Butchers Block Flatbread –
For fans of a pepperoni pizza, this is definitely a step up. Well balanced amounts of olive oil , basil and garlic form the foundation of this tasty little flatbread. The meat upgrade of Italian favorites seals the deal. Perhaps a bit pricey for its size, it’s definitely a wise, if not economical, choice.
Sauvignon Blanc 2017 –
Lighter than usual grapefruit on the nose. Well balanced, with a zing of lemon on the pallet and subtle, yet soft finish.
Viognier 2017 –
A nice warm honeysuckle aroma. Somewhat controlled on the residual sugars (just enough to keep it from being sweet) and balanced with a very slight “tang”. Finish is a bit short.
D & D White Blend 2017 –
A nice mellow lime-like aroma followed by a semi-sweet splash on the pallet the finish seems to melt into the tongue. Pairing for this wine would challenge some, delight others.
Zinfandel 2016 –
A very rustic aroma, with bits of plums and dates. This carries over to the taste and even into the finish with a dash of chocolate. Definitely not a “light” Zinfandel. Missing the “peppery” Zins that seem to have disappeared from the landscape, but still a very nice wine that I enjoyed immensely.
D & D Red Blend –
A little muted at first, this wine opens up in a minute or two. An aroma of spices springs on to the pallet, perhaps a bit aggressive in comparison to the aroma but still a nice little wine. Finish is one the longer ones with a bit of an alcohol bite.
Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 –
A bigger wine than the others I had tasted, but seemed a little confused on my pallet. Some fruit and some leathery notes seemed to be going in opposite directions
Big Wave 2016 –
Created in Lodi by the Orange Coast Winery (sister winery owned by the same couple) A delicious aroma steals the show here. Loving it before it even hit the pallet. One of those wines the Robert Parker would love. Big and oaky!
Overall, a great experience and one that I would heartily recommend. 4 out of 5 wine glasses!