Bottle Shock remains one of the most compelling and entertaining wine movies out there. Perhaps it’s the telling of a (mostly) true story or maybe it’s the beauty of the cinematography of the Napa Valley or maybe it’s just because it’s 108 minutes of absolute fun

Bottle Shock tells the unlikely David and Goliath story of how California wines, and the Napa Valley in particular, grew into one of the most visited and well respected wine areas in the world. And it all happened because an English wine shop owner in Paris named Steven Spurrier was trying to drum up business for his store. His idea to hold an international (well French and California) wine tasting outside of Paris, and it’s subsequent results, sent shockwaves around the wine community

Alan Rickman, Bill Pullman and Chris Pine shine in this re-enactment of the events leading up to the Judgement in Paris. This movie has heart, when most other wine-related movies (except maybe A Good Year…review soon) seem to lean towards more undesirable traits and characters. In Bottle Shock you will find yourself rooting for the little guy. My suggestion is you grab yourself a bottle of Chateau Montelena Chardonnay (a tad more expensive now than then), and a few “water biscuits” and escape to the Napa Valley in 1976 for a few hours.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 glasses