Just prior to “that time that shall not be named” a road show program emerged quietly on Amazon Prime called The Three Drinkers Do Scotch Whisky. The show consists of 7 half hour (more or less) episodes revolving around the adventures and travels of the “Three Drinkers” as they make their way through Scotland. Unknown to me as an American, the trio consists of Aidy Smith, Helena Nicklin and Colin Hampden-White (who does not appear in the latest installment of the Three Drinkers) All are fairly well known wine/drinks writers and presenters in the UK and Europe, but I mean…I don’t get out much with the restraining orders and all (joke people). I understand they cover some of the same ground I did a month ago, so it’ll interesting to hear their thoughts. Sounds intriguing don’t it, so lets pour a dram and tune in

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Their journey begins in Deanston, just north of Glasgow and a distillery I visited on my recent trip, before continuing north to Speyside. Whilst (a wee bit of old language there) in Speyside they visit the 140 million pound (cost in currency, not the weight of measure you knucklehead) facility of Macallan and then head over to a small pub in Glenallchie, called the Highlander Inn. Which oddly enough, was where I ate dinner both nights I was staying in Cardhu just down the road (see photo) They also travel to Glenfiddich and it’s neighbor Balvenie. Then they head even further north, and try to find Nessie in her habitat, at Loch Ness. After a visit to Glenmorangie, our heroes head off to the world famous island of Islay. Home to some of the smokiest whiskies in existence. The trio then make their way back down to London for what I call the Cocktail Episode, to wrap up Season 1

Throughout the first 4 episodes, our intrepid travelers crisscross Scotland and show us many of those “whisky spots” we may have heard of, but most likely have never visited. With the last 3 episodes (which is technically Season 2) they begin in Jura, a one distillery town (island?) of just 212 people, before making their way to Campbeltown. The “ancient” capital of scotch whiskey back in the 1800’s, before everything went south. Once home to 30 or so distilleries, it now only has 3. From Campbeltown, the next stop is at a castle called Dunan, which allows you to financially (…or in Colin and Helena’s case, physically) assist in it’s restoration and receive your own title and “plot” of land to boot. Before you know it, they are back in the Highlands with visits to Glen Moray, the Dalmore and few more adventures before ending a very quick set of 3 episodes

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My overall thoughts are very positive. The scenery and choice of location visits is first rate. For anyone who has never been to the Highlands or Islay or Jura, it’s a vacation in your easy chair (just add whisky) Though there is definitely a true cross-section with the stars, to me there is an occasional uneasiness with cast chemistry. Aidy Smith is the most out going and humorous of the bunch and steals the scene much of the time. Considering I’m a goofball as well, I may be showing a bit of favoritism. Helena is cute, bubbly and fun, but I couldn’t help thinking some of the time she was scripted questions she already knew the answer to. She strikes me as a very bright lady. And though it was very clear that Colin Hampden-White has a ton of knowledge, I sometimes got the feeling, he was a bit put off with the others antics. Though he did tear around a barley field on a quad, so what the hell do I know

Overall, it was a delightful watch and the amount of ground covered and experiences lived was phenomenal. To some, the helter skelter feel may be chaotic, but I found it exciting and adventurous. So to you complainers…have a dram and STFU (another joke…kinda) Having just visited many of the same areas, it was a reminder of how beautiful and special Scotland is, and has me already thinking of ways to get back soon. So pour yourself a dram (or several), bring up The Three Drinkers Do Scotch Whisky and take a wee trip to Scotland. Slainte Mhath!

Booze Press gives The Three Drinkers Do Scotch Whisky 4 out of 5 Nosing Glasses

Watch The Three Drinkers Do Scotch Whisky now on Prime Video: The Three Drinkers – Episode 1

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