Hello Amy, first off thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. As not only a beverage based website, Booze Press also dabbles into food and beverage related products. One of our newest features is The Sensual Life. And as you excel in art of sensual cooking, we are honored to have you as our very first interview for that section.

AR: Well thank you for thinking of me.

BP: I know you grew up with some cooking background, when did you know it was going to be more of a career?

AR: Well, my first job after college was in a winery tasting room and they had a very good educational program there and I fell in love with that very much. Later on I was working in film and television and I thought I wanted to move more in the direction of travel related television, and having a background in journalism, I thought I would do a bit of writing. Oddly enough people kept asking me to write about wine and it just kinda went from there. Then after that I did my masters degree in gastronomy with Cordon Bleu and my fate was sealed.

BP: You have a theme in your works that falls into the sexy and the sensual, when did that become part of your direction?

AR: I’ve always loved the nutritional side of food and I’ve always loved Greek mythology and it was a subject within the food and wine world that combined both of those interests. It just happened very naturally for me and then when I did my masters program I had the wonderful opportunity for a lot of self directed study and I did it all geared in that direction, towards the history of aphrodisiacs…towards the relationship between food and sex and by the time I graduated I was considered a leading authority on the topic.

BP: In scanning through your first book, there are numerous illustrations of you in scant attire, is that a recommended look for sensual cooking?

AR: Well, just always wear your apron.

BP: Absolutely…safety first (both laugh)

AR: That’s right, that’s right…

BP: One areas of the book that a really enjoyed was the Venue section. I obviously liked the recipes, many of which I’ve already tried, but I loved that you took that extra step and said “in these areas, here are some things you may want to try”. I think lends something to the book that’s a little bit different, well actually there’s a lot of things that are different than your average cookbook (laughing) but it made it a much more enjoyable read. This cookbook had much more personality to it.

AR: That’s funny, as I was just talking with our book designer the other day, and as you know our company is now in the business of publishing cookbooks and we’re working on a book coming out in January of 2012 and one in January of! you’re the first person that I’ve told that to.

BP: So, I just got an exclusive?

AR:Yes, you got a scoop! Well, in speaking with her, we were discussing how things have changed since Fork Me, Spoon Me came out. But our goal then is the same as it is now, to make sure at least 1/3 of the content is information that you can’t get anywhere else. I think these days, most people are buying cookbooks to stare at pictures and not to cook. When they want to cook they are getting recipes online. There are all these wonderful sites online where you can, for example, type in the 3 ingredients you have in your kitchen and pull up 5 recipes. So I don’t believe people are cooking from cookbooks anymore. So, one of the things that is very important to us and has become even more important, is to give information in our books you can’t go to some website and find.

BP: Your 2nd book, Chili Aphrodisia, stays within that basic framework, was it difficult coming up with an entire book based on sexy little peppers?

AR: No, There are a lot of things you can do with peppers, just look at the number of cultures that feature them in their cuisine. Now, I actually didn’t do any of the recipes in that book, I did all of the informational chapters, my collaborator did all of the recipes. And to be honest it was a work for hire, so even conceptually it was kind of a fill in the blanks, which made it easy and fun. Since they’re the stars of the aphrodisiac world…why not?

BP: With the books and your website, are you aiming at a female audience or are you trying to appeal to everyone?

AR: Oh no, we’re definitely trying to appeal to everyone. Certainly with Fork Me, Spoon Me I got a lot of men because…well, they liked the cover, but we are definitely appealing to both sexes. The only exception being the book I just published, Kiss my Bundt, with that I think women tend to be the bakers.

BP: Do you find that most men get the art of sensuality, or the “dance” as it were?

AR: They’re capable, especially the older they are, the more interested they are in that art. Once they’ve learned they are very capable.

BP: Eventually we do, and I think with the help of your books we can gain some additional insight in the kitchen.

AR: (laughs) Well, that would be nice, and I would hope both of them enjoy themselves.

BP: Well, thank you Amy for taking time out of your schedule to speak with us

AR: Thank you, and good luck with Booze Press.


To coincide with this feature, I decided to dive headlong into the world of baking and attempt to whip up a Cabernet Chocolate  Bundt with a Blackberry Red Wine Glaze. This can be found in Kiss My Bundt, the latest book from Ms. Reiley’s publishing company.

Sounds great on paper, but let’s see how I execute this operation in the kitchen. Filming of this endeavor was considered, but being suspicious of the outcome and the possible language used I decided against it.

So here goes, the sifting of ingredients has proven to be fairly easy, though a somewhat messy process. Next off it’s the mixing of the “wet” ingredients, and…..a piece of cake (how appropriate). Now comes the hard part, mixing the dry ingredients into the wet while simultaneously boiling water and wine. Success! Finally, combine the wine mixture into the others and then into the greased and floured bundt pan and bake. Fin….

The glaze preparation is very simple and quick. So all in all a fairly easy project. My kitchen however, did not fair as well. It looks like a war zone. But this is a small price to pay for such a quick and decadent dessert. Grab a copy of Kiss My Bundt and begin your own sweet adventures. Enjoy my friends…