What is it about wine that has made it the beverage of choice in the seduction process for hundreds if not thousands of years? Beer has been around nearly as long, but for whatever reason does not possess the romanticism of wine, it has for the most part been relegated as a “wash down” for pizza and nachos and only recently has been seen as an artful libation. Scotch, of course, has it’s sophistication, rum works it’s tropical pleasure angle and Tequila…well, we all know the powers of tequila. So what is it about wine that makes it an instrument of seduction. We’re going to take a closer look at it’s sensual allure and see if there’s some techniques you can learn that may perhaps turn your evening of watching Big Bang Theory reruns into a night of uninhibited passion.

First of all, wine has history on it’s side. All of the romantic tales we hear of usually involve wine as the beverage of romance and seduction. Beer is historically portrayed as uncouth, consumed with reckless abandon and usually followed with belching and vomiting after over indulging. Scotch is nearly always seen as a drink for men, thus excluding women from the game. Other liquors tend to mixed into drinks and are hardly ever consumed on their own. But wine…yes wine, allows both partners to participate together. So much more romantic from the very start. So lets talk a little bit more about the sensuality of wine or better yet, its seductive nature. Get your pencils out kids, cause it’s time to take some notes.

First off, think of the visual experiences you’ve seen of wine. Champagne for instance (for those of you unaware, Champagne is a wine) pictured in the photo to the right, is just begging to be used as introduction to your seduction. The light elegant bubbles, the thin delicate glasses and the usual pairing with expensive and sensual foods (berries and cream, soft cheeses, anything French) It also sets the tone for the evening and who you are…classy and sophisticated.

So that was easy right? Now, how do we up our game and keep things running smoothly through dinner? Though not always the absolute fail safe, you really are pretty safe with the old wine with red meat and white for white. If it falls somewhere in the middle, say salmon for instance (or turkey on Thanksgiving), go with Pinot Noir…but act sophisticated when you order or pour it for crying out loud, you’re a connoisseur remember? This is your moment to shine! If your meal is Italian…order or pour an Italian wine and definitely the same with French. If you’re in a German restaurant…well, you haven’t been paying attention to anything I’ve been saying. Germans make fantastic cars, not romantic dinner settings.

Now’s the time to move things forward, nothing is as sensual or decadent on the tongue as chocolate. Add a velvety late harvest red wine to the proceedings and you have a can’t miss combination. Instruct your partner to take a small sip of the wine, then follow this with a bite of the chocolate desert, have them hold it on the tongue and savor it for a moment. When the chocolate begins to dissolve, look into their eyes and tell them to take another sip of the wine. Continue to watch them as the chocolate and wine mingle in their mouth before swallowing. Get the picture? From here the balls in your court, but I’m guessing you know what to do.

If you’d like a little additional information, here’s a bit of a free plug for someone who has spent years “researching” the subject (good for you Alessandra) Sommelier Alessandra Rotondi hosts wine tastings that allow her participants to explore the world of wine and seduction. is a website devoted to the fine art of using wine to spark passion and amorous feelings. She equates a wine tasting to a first date, approaching it as if it’s the first time you are intimate with someone. I kinda like where she’s going with this. Click on the link above for more from Ms Rotondi. Au revoir mi amore…