I must admit, having grown up on cheap mixer-type rums (let me clarify, that’s a post-21 grown up…I wasn’t swigging Myers when I was 8 at my Little League games) the thought of sipping a rum rather than burying it in fruit juices was the furthest thing from my mind. Even the more high end rums, though well made and even somewhat tasty, seemed a bit too sweet for my taste. After a few tastings, many ended up being relegated to kitchen use (see my recipe for brown sugar & rum pork loin). Then along comes Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum….

For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Hagar…he rocks! He rocked back in the early 70’s with Montrose. He rocked through the 70’s and into the 80’s with a solo career (I Can’t Drive 55 ring any bells?) Then joined Van Halen in the mid 80’s and rocked into the mid 90’s. Following a somewhat acrimonious split, Sammy was back on his own, and you guessed it….rockin! I say all of this because through all of these various eras, not only was Sammy (say it all together now) rockin, he was entrepreneurin’ (is that even a word?) and being successful as hell in everything he did. Whether it was mountain bikes, sprinkler systems or even the now famous Cabo Wabo tequila, he seemed to have the Midas touch. Why? because second best is not in this man’s vocabulary, but how will this rum fare? I’m only one opinion, but if you like your rum to smell and taste like trade winds on the beach in Maui, then you’re in luck. For those of you who want to taste a pirate dipped in sun tan lotion…move along.

Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum has a very subtle aroma. Notes of tropical flowers and light coconut deliver a mellow and sophisticated rum that can be enjoyed anytime. My serving recommendation…straight up or light on the rocks. I believe it’s the lack of overbearing sweetness or added flavorings that’s the key to it’s originality. To me it seems a waste to bury this exquisite nectar in pineapple, mango or papaya juice, but that’s your call. For me, every time I have a little on the rocks, I’m transported to a peaceful lanai somewhere in Hawaii…and being as I’m in Las Vegas. That’s not a bad thing. Mahalo

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